Teacher Trainings

We have been working hard to improve the school system in Nicaragua and it hasn’t been easy.  A systemic change in education takes dedicated teachers, hard work and patience.  We provide monthly  training for teachers  working in impoverished communities.Our vocational trainings in Nicaragua focus on early childhood development, literacy, educational games and music . At the request of the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education we work in collaboration to train over 300 teachers each month. We know that an education system is only as good as the teachers and that all meaningful, sustainable change comes from them. Investing our time and energy in the teachers of today is the only way we will see a more productive school system tomorrow.In addition to the monthly vocational trainings we assist in the implementation of these activities in  classrooms across the country. It has been a very powerful experience to witness firsthand the changes happening. It is inspiring to see teachers stepping outside their comfort zone and try new methods including games, songs, and interactive activities.

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