colored pencilsWhen children are given opportunities to be creative and express themselves, it also helps them build problems solving skills that are important in other subjects like math or science.  Many of the children Future Roots Project works with have never had the chance to draw, color, or paint.  To be able to share those first creative moments with these amazing children is also an extraordinary learning experience for us too.

poiWe do not have traditional art supplies always at our disposal and many of our activities are recycled ones, like making plastic bottle poi.  In the picture above we are making these fun toys out of old plastic bottles, plastic bags we braided to make rope, pop tabs, yarn and rocks used for weights inside the bottle.  The children are very smart, most of the time improvising in ways I wouldn’t have thought of, proving art moves beyond creativity.  Confidence, perseverance, focus, and dedication are also traits that we are actively developing in the students through art activities.



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