Valentine’s Day

“Let our hearts & hands be stretched out in compassion towards others, for everyone is walking their own difficult path.”
~Diter F. Uchtdorf

Send Some Love to Teachers in Nicaragua!

After 10 mind blowing months of political instability, Nicaraguan teachers are doing the impossible: Facing a new school year. In almost every way imaginable the future of the country is completely unknown, leaving us all feeling uneasy.  I wish it was possible to predict possible outcomes but the only thing I’m sure of is the following: Teachers are going to receive students who have been traumatized and this will affect how they learn. Future Roots Project is committed to continuing to help support them during this difficult time. Please consider making a donation to provide each teachers with a care package helping them to start the year with the basic materials needed.

Be Mine!

We are currently looking for donations to support the classrooms of 17 teachers in a very rural community of Haulover on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua.

Considering there are no computers or overhead projectors the whiteboard is the number one resource teachers have available, however there is a constant shortage of white board markers and the teachers are expected to buy them with their own money. It’s not just markers teachers are expected to buy themselves, but also other materials such as pencils, glue, and paper. 

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