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One of the hardest parts about living in Nicaragua is the amount of suffering happening all around you, everyday. It’s hard to accept that you can’t help everyone, even though your heart tells you that it is the right thing to do. This means setting limits and investing your resources in projects that will make a sustainable difference. However sometimes you meet someone who breaks your heart wide open and you would give anything in the world to help them.

Meet 5 year old Nayansi and her mother Francisca.

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Nayansi was born with spina bifida, hydrocephalus, and is paralyzed from the waist down. She has already had 7 surgeries and will need at least 5 more.

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She lives in a very poor rural neighborhood, far removed from any non-profits or organizations that could potentially help her, and the only landmark is the landfill full of burning garbage.


Her father abandoned them after finding out about her birth defects, when her mother was 4 months pregnant. Life for Francisca has been beyond difficult as the sole caretaker of Nayansi AND of her father, an amputee, who suffers from diabetes. The three of them live together in this windowless shack made entirely of corrugated metal. Making ends meet has been impossible, given the situation, and as a result they live a life of abject poverty.


Francisca did not ask for money, but instead for a wheelchair for her daughter that she has carried everywhere for the past 5 years. Thanks to generosity of Darrell Ward, a Rotarian from Oklahoma, her wish was granted.

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Despite Nayansi’s physical disabilities, she is a happy little girl who makes jokes, smiles and laughs. She was thrilled to receive the assortment of art supplies and books we were able to give her.

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This little girl has touched our hearts in a way that words can’t describe. We are committed to doing everything possible to continue to help her family. We are beginning to gather resources and if you have any connections or suggestions of people/organizations who may be able to help, please contact us at: futurerootsproject@gmail.com

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