Going on tour…

We have been working hard to improve the school system in Nicaragua and it hasn’t been easy.  A systemic change in education takes dedicated teachers, hard work and patience.  The sad truth is that the schools are actually doing better now, than they did in the past.  Only forty years ago, there was a dictator and the right to an education was a privilege of the wealthy. Today the classrooms are crowded and all kids have the right to attend school.


Unfortunately  the education they receive is substandard because most teachers have no training and they lack very basic resources.

Last year we paired with the Ministry of Education to help with the monthly vocational trainings for all of the preschool teachers in Granada, Nicaragua. This month we began phase two: Visiting the classrooms.  During our visit we were able to assist in the implementation of new ideas and it was inspiring to see the change happening.

Check out this short video and try not to laugh at the little ones who are struggling with the macarena and trying to learn the months of the year at the same time.

It’s hard to say who appreciates our visit more: the students or the teachers. The final words from the teachers are always”We will be here waiting for you” and all of the visits end the same way: kids lining up for hugs and high-fives.


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