Join us to support Future Roots as we go into our sixth year of international service in Central America.  Your donation allows our project to continue down the road of success, creating sustainable change along the way. Life for school children in the developing world is strikingly different than life for American students. Amenities like guaranteed lunches and books on the shelves are often taken for granted here, where opportunities are almost boundless, while in Nicaragua even the most basic resources like running water and basic school lunch are often not provided.

As we pave the way back to these rural schools, we need support from our community to help us make our work possible.

Last year Future Roots raised over $10,000.00 & this year we hope to raise even more!

Thank You Very Much for your Sponsorship. -Future Roots Project

Not able to attend our events, but want to support our work? Click the button below to make your donation!Your donation is 100% tax deductible


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